Saturday, January 05, 2008

How to update Flash Player (you need to) 

Blogger Michael Horowitz explains how to fix security problems caused by buggy versions of Adobe Flash Player, and even explains some of the Flash player update problems he had and how to fix them.

"Flash Player" is something you almost certainly have. It makes Youtube possible, but is also what enables a lot of those annoying ads. You care because it regularly has security bugs that allow a hostile web page to take over your computer, and a recent update fixes the known security bugs.

Follow Horowitz's detailed and hard-learned instructions to find out what version you have installed, how to remove it (which is more difficult than I'd expect), and if you have some reason, how to install the new improved version.

In addition, I recommend some form of blocking Flash content to protect you from the unknown security bugs (want to bet there aren't any?). My favorite Firefox extension, NoScript, does this.


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