Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Voting machines! Sequoia in New Jersey this time 

A Princeton professor, Ed Felten, has been unofficially studying the Sequoia voting machines used in NJ.

He's been finding problems, such as more votes being recorded in the Republican primary than were recorded for Republican turnout.

If you like details, he's got a highly readable blog. Some relevant posts in it are the ones about The first report of discrepancies, the response to Sequoia's explanation, and data that contradict Sequoia's explanation.

You don't need details to figure this one out, though. First you check whether Dr. Felten is a level-headed guy who just reports what he sees. Here's one quote:
...this doesn’t look like fraud, only error. A malicious attacker who had access to a machine would have had much more powerful, and much less detectable, options at his disposal.

Second you look at Sequoia's response. How confident do you feel with elections in the hands of a company that responds to bug reports with thinly veiled legal threats against Dr. Felten?


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