Monday, September 01, 2008

How to recognize an attack 

I ran into a suspicious web page the other day.

It opened from an unrelated search result. That's not a sign of a legitimate web page. What really gave it away was that it claimed to offer an antivirus product. Legitimate companies do legitimate advertising. If you see something unexpected suddenly offering you security software, be suspicious: it's like someone walking into your store off the street and offering you "protection".

A really good scam would have shown a web page that looked like a real business. This one didn't even have that much, not that there was any way to trust it at that point.

I looked at the page's inner workings briefly. It looked like it was set up to display all kinds of scary warnings and trick me into downloading a program from them. I didn't even see the scary fake warnings, because I'm running the NoScript extension to Firefox.


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