Monday, September 01, 2008

What you're up against 

A software developer's blog has an example of a malicious web page displaying fake buttons and controls that look like part of Windows to trick you into downloading what they claim is an antivirus program.

It all started from a legitimate web site, too, which apparently got taken over somehow by scammers.

I'm not completely happy with the suggestions the blogger and the people in the comments had to offer. They suggest changing the way your real Windows interface looks so that imitations will look strange. Instead I'd suggest NoScript, which would have halted the example attack in its tracks, and one other thing. The point of all the deception was to trick you into downloading an executable file. You get a real warning at that point, which asks if you really want to save and run a file from the Internet. Say "no" to those unless you set out to download something that you have some reason to trust.


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